D3 Webinar: Cross-Cultural QQ Design for Survey Research

On Wednesday, March 4th, D3 Systems hosted a live webinar on “Questionnaire Design for Cross-Cultural Survey Research” sponsored by the American Association of Public Opinion Research.  In this webinar, Research Analysts, Stacey Frank and Nina Sabarre, provided guidance on how to handle obstacles unique to specific question types, such as knowledge and behavior questions, attitude questions, and questions dealing with sensitive topics.

Handling these question types is even more difficult in the international context, where there are different societal norms and cultural factors impacting respondent understanding. This webinar equipped participants to deal with issues like telescoping and recall problems, social desirability bias, and respondents with low education levels. Examples from surveys fielded in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa were used to highlight problems that necessitate question adaptation to preserve understanding across cultures.

Download the Webinar slides here.