The Americas and the Caribbean

D3 has conducted research in 24 countries throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.

In the mid-90’s, D3 began its research in the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti.  In Haiti, we quickly learned that the difficult terrain, minimal access to paved roads, inconsistent access to electricity and poor transportation options made survey research difficult in the island nation.  Working with local staff, D3 and field teams adapted to local conditions and carried out longitudinal, nationally representative studies, which were designed to collect information about household spending and saving habits, remittances, opinion of the government and international organizations and trustworthiness of local and international media options.  D3 also conducted focus groups to assess Haitians’ opinions of Voice of America programming.  In 2012, D3 carried out a baseline study in Haiti for USAID that would provide analytical material for its monitoring and evaluation effort.  The study covered a variety of topics including, women’s health, nutrition, savings and spending habits, employment and anthropometry.

In addition to the Caribbean, D3 has established experience in South and Central America.  D3 conducted simultaneous dual method studies in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago.  These studies required tailoring to the local conditions of each country and required unique methods to locate and interview difficult to reach populations.  Although faced with difficulty, D3 was up to the challenge and succeeded in every country.

D3 has a proven history of successful research projects in: 

Argentina         Dominican Republic              Nicaragua

Brazil                   Ecuador                                  Panama

Chile                    El Salvador                             Paraguay

Canada                Grenada                                  Peru

Colombia            Guatemala                               Trinidad & Tobago

Costa Rica           Haiti                                          Uruguay

Honduras            Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)