Visit to Menlo Park to Present Research

During a visit to the Menlo Park office in California, D3 shared research from recent projects with the Facebook team.

Since D3 first started working with Facebook in April 2016, we have collected a combination of quantitative and qualitative data for six research projects in eight countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia – and we’re just getting started!

Research topics ranged from development and technology to daily life and social media usage from the thousands of individuals we reached in face-to-face research globally.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, D3 teamed with Facebook IQ to survey more than 6,000 Kenyan, Nigerian, and South African nationals, aged 18+, to better understand their journeys to connectivity.  For more on the research objectives and methodology, click here. Check out the full report of findings from this study and watch one of the videos released on the Facebook IQ site.

In India, D3 designed and executed a sample plan that far exceeds standard research coverage in that market.  With the aid of our local vendor, D3 ventured out of the major cities and into remote areas to conduct a national survey with 6,000 respondents, aged 18+, distributed across 1,200 urban (33.2%) and rural (66.8%) sampling points.  All of the data were collected using tablets equipped internally developed CAPI software built especially for low-connectivity and off-the-grid locations: Research Control Solutions (RCS). Check out our geographic spread below:

D3’s one-pager containing findings from the India study can be accessed here.

This entry was posted on April 10, 2017