D3 Presents at 64th WAPOR Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 20, 2011 – D3 Systems recently presented several papers and current research projects at the 64th annual World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) conference held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on September 21-23.  Recent projects in Afghanistan and Iraq were the focus of the presentations.

“Afghan Women’s Perspective on Negotiating With the Taliban,” written and presented by Stephen Hornbeck, focused on analysis of whether Afghans show preference to negotiating or fighting with the Taliban and whether differences in opinion exist between different segments of the population.

“Exploring Women’s Status and Rights in Iraq,” written and presented by Kevin Tillmann, reported the shifts in attitudes and behaviors of Iraqi women regarding their personal desires, financial decision-making, and religiosity.  The two studies were conducted by D3 in March 2007 (n=1,093) and November 2010 (n=1,083).

D3 Systems also attended the 2011 ESOMAR Congress while in Amsterdam.  This year the ESOMAR Congress focused on the impact market research has had on business and society and how research must adapt and overcome challenging environments.  The 2011 ESOMAR Congress was held on September 18-21.

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