What Makes D3 Different?

D3 is a small company with a global reach. We have the staff, experience, and research partners to get on the ground and get the job done.

We specialize in developing and implementing quantitative and qualitative research projects that provide trustworthy results.  Our continued success can be attributed to our full-service approach developed since our founding in 1985, and the daily commitment to excellence of our analysts, managers, statisticians and methodologists.

We collaborate with clients to understand their objectives and how a particular project ties into their organization’s goals. We explain our sampling methodologies in clear language, so clients understand how the data will be collected. We present our results and analyses in the same way – clearly and concisely – so clients are not left wondering “so what?”

We offer quality assurance before, during, and after field with our strategic partners and in-country field suppliers. We go beyond standard procedures, such as local project briefings, field observation, and back-checking, to statistically analyze each interviewer’s full body of work. When local conditions permit, D3’s team is always on the ground to train the local field team, observe sampling and field practices, and supervise data processing. This enables us to assess the quality of data in the current survey and apply lessons learned to future surveys.

And we can do this wherever clients need us to – working through environmental, geographical, linguistic, or cultural barriers.