Our People

Our research staff has decades of experience in effective research design, precise management of data collection, and delivery of insightful findings that drive strategic decision-making.

Every research project D3 accepts receives our fullest attention, so we protect and promote clients’ research investments through intense and responsive study management. D3’s research staff remains personally engaged with our clients and all elements of the research process throughout the study lifecycle. They design research approaches and drive meaningful analysis and interpretation of results. And they are trained and experienced in navigating hostile environments, allowing them to monitor data collection processes on the ground in environments which others often perceive as impossible.

Over time, our research teams build an understanding of each client’s needs to become true research partners. D3 makes recommendations on new approaches to business or research problems based on experience in our countries of operation and our core practice areas. It is our philosophy to help our clients constantly improve by proactively suggesting ways in which research answers can drive clients’ policy and business solutions.

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Executive Team

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