Approach & Methodology

With decades of global experience and a strong team of social science researchers, D3 Systems knows which research methods work best in your target area.

We provide value to our clients with on-the-ground research capabilities in challenging environments, innovative methodologies, and a commitment to transparency and comprehensive quality control. With credible data and thoughtful analyses resulting from well-planned methodologies, we save our clients time and money.

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Strong Quality Control Practices

D3 is a quality-driven organization. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, scientifically accurate data that represents the target population. Quality data is vital in any research project and is tantamount to D3’s reputation as a valued research partner.

We provide the detailed methodological oversight so you don’t have to. On all projects, we commit to collaborating with clients from project start to finish. We listen to our clients’ needs and craft methodologies that reflect those needs by conducting timely and thorough data collection, developing valid survey instruments, and precisely defining samples. Our proven, comprehensive quality control testing is predicated on statistical best practices, going beyond standard field monitoring and on-site back-checking to assure data integrity, reliability and accuracy. Our teams are checked and responses verified at each step of the survey process. D3 also uses our proprietary “Hunter” program to run a series of statistical tests on aggregated data to examine quality and identify any examples of potentially biased or questionable data records to flag for additional review. D3 also tracks the results of these tests by supervisor and interviewer over time to ensure the overall quality of the field team and identify potential areas for enhanced training.

Competent Field Partners

D3 constantly evaluates potential field partners to maintain and expand our global network.

Knowledge transfer is a key component of D3′s success in its operating environments. We combine research expertise with training to build and operate self-sustaining and effective networks in some of today’s most difficult environments. D3 designs and provides training programs in data collection, project monitoring, data management, data analysis, and reporting. Further, we constantly evaluate field team performance to ensure data quality and integrity, as well as overall competency.


Ensuring respondent and client confidentiality is a top priority at D3.

All staff members are trained on the ethics involved in survey research. D3 and its local partners abide by the highest standards of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research. Our research staff has completed comprehensive training to provide consistent quality control and management. The end results are safe, experienced, and stable research operations that meet Western scientific standards in some of the world’s most challenging environments. The work we do for clients belongs to the clients. D3 will never use any data or information obtained on the client’s behalf without expressed consent.

Accurate Translations

D3 speaks your language and everyone else’s too!

We work closely with our partners to ensure questions are asked accurately and in a culturally sensitive manner that achieve client objectives. We utilize a mixture of third party translation and back translation, in conjunction with our broad in-house language expertise, to make sure that actionable data is collected in a valid and reliable manner. In addition to standard translation techniques, D3 also organizes cognitive testing with local field partners and pre-test questionnaires to verify that the translation is understood by the target population.


D3 works collaboratively with clients to explain each step of the research process.

D3 adjusts and adapts the research methodology based on the clients’ requirements and the local research environment. We provide guidance and feedback based on decades of international field experiences and best practices in the research industry. Prior to the start of any project, D3 provides a research plan that outlines the agreed upon methodology and key dates for project deliverables. At the conclusion of fieldwork, we provide a detailed methodological report documenting the research process and on-the-ground realities experienced during the implementation of the project. D3 works around the clock with clients and local teams to make sure the research plan is properly implemented and documented from start to finish.

Multi-Country Project Management

D3 is your one-stop shop for multi-country research. We take the headaches out of multi-country research and allow you to concentrate on your business.

We manage multiple field teams, schedules, languages, and methodologies so you don’t have to. With D3, you are not locked into any single brand or network. We find the best partner in the country where you need to do the work. We deliver clean, consistently formatted data files, allowing you to quickly compare results across countries. When a single data file is required, D3 provides merged data with uniform coding and labels. Our team will provide a single point of contact who provides project management, regular status updates, and ensures all deliverables meet your specifications.

Commitment to Long-Term Relationships

D3 Systems builds capacity and relationships that last beyond a single contract.

Our goal is to provide such exemplary service that our clients and partners are eager to work with us again and again. We have a long history of research projects with clients and partners lasting many years. Over time, we have become a true research partner to our clients, offering advice and analytical support so they can achieve their goals and objectives. Long-term relationships with our local partners allow us to build research capacity in countries where no alternatives exist, and to share industry best practices in more developed markets.