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Matthew Warshaw

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Warshaw is the Chief Operating Officer of D3 Systems, Inc. He has over twenty years of social science research experience conducting public opinion surveys, media evaluations, measures of performance and effectiveness studies, consumer studies, impact evaluations, and randomized control trials. Mr. Warshaw has extensive experience in building research operations, logistics oversight, and foreign personnel management, with particular experience in conflict environments and developing countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Yemen. Mr. Warshaw participates in D3’s efforts to develop technical solutions for electronic data capture. He has worked on polling for programs such as the Emmy award-winning ABC News series “Where Things Stand” in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Warshaw also manages projects in more stable markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Gulf States, the former Soviet Union, and Latin America. He serves as the Managing Director of D3’s subsidiary, ACSOR-Surveys in Kabul, Afghanistan, and also leads many of D3’s business development efforts. Mr. Warshaw joined the board of Infinite Insight, D3’s partner in Africa, in August 2011. He holds a B.A. from American University, an M.A. from Georgetown University, and Expert Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) from the Market Research Association of America.

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