Southeast Asia

D3 has been conducting research in eight countries in Southeast Asia for many years.

As US naval hospital ships docked in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines to provide free medical care to the population, D3 Systems was there supporting the effort with actionable data.  D3 collected data on the reach and messaging of advertising campaigns and local opinions about the program.  With this information, D3 provided actionable data on how to tailor the program to meet local conditions.  In addition to Southeast Asia, D3 conducted similar studies in Trinidad and Tobago and Ecuador, adapting the study to meet the specific needs of each country.

In Indonesia, D3 Systems provided programmatic support for an international campaign promoting Islamic education through events hosted by renowned Sheiks and Islamic thinkers.  Throughout Indonesia, D3 staff members attended these events, met with guest speakers and stakeholders, and conducted interviews with attendees of the events.  Information gathered was focused on the perceptions of the program, the speakers and the advertising campaigns.  Analysis allowed the client to adapt their program to meet local conditions and, through this improved programming, the second iteration of the program saw improved opinions and attendance.

D3 has a proven history of successful research projects in: 

Australia                            Papua New Guinea
Indonesia                          The Philippines
Malaysia                            Singapore
Myanmar (Burma)             Thailand