Middle East and North Africa

D3 has experience conducting research in 18 countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

From Morocco to Oman, D3 Systems meets clients’ needs in the most challenging situations.  Events in MENA, including the Arab Spring, the civil war in Libya, conflict in Syria and democratic transition in Egypt, have left more questions than answers.  D3 provides the research that sheds light on these multifaceted questions.  Prior to these events, D3 already had a strong presence in the region, working to understand local attitudes and opinions.  During these events D3 was busy finding answers to the most pressing and difficult questions.  Prior to the revolution in Egypt, D3 was on the ground collecting data on media usage as well as attitudes and opinions of the government.  During the ousting of Mubarak, D3 conducted a poll to collect information on changes in opinion towards government.  D3 continues to work closely with its Egyptian partner to conduct research and adapt to any event.

D3 is no stranger to conducting research in dangerous and conflict settings.  During the war in Iraq, D3 used local field teams to conduct hundreds of nationally representative quantitative and qualitative studies, reaching some of the hardest to reach populations in Iraq.  In 2007, D3 began its annual nationally representative studies for ABC News, data from which was in its award winning series, Where Things Stand.  In Yemen, D3 conducted studies throughout all governorates on a variety of topics ranging from media usage to opinions of anti-government forces and terrorists.  Results from this study were presented at a variety of conferences and at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

D3 has a proven history of successful research projects in: 

Algeria                 Kuwait                Syria

Bahrain               Lebanon              Tunisia

Egypt                   Libya                    United Arab Emirates

Iraq                      Oman                  Yemen

Israel                   Qatar

Jordan                 Saudi Arabia