D3 has conducted research in 40 countries throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

D3 began its research operations in the European market, and it continues to be one of its strong suits.  The fall of the Berlin Wall flooded the Western world with new markets and information.  Utilizing both face-to-face and CATI interviewing, D3 has provided business, rapid response, opinion polling and targeted population research in nearly every country in Europe.  For example, from 2006 to 2009, D3 Systems conducted a time series set of telephone surveys with elites in the United Kingdom and in Brussels, examining attitudes towards major corporations. The data was used to segment the target groups to allow clients to understand how those attitudes might influence voting behavior.

Conflict throughout the Balkans in the mid-90’s created a need for reliable information to assist a variety of decision-makers in the government and non-government sectors in addressing the myriad of crises toward the end of the war and during the reconstruction and reconciliation periods that followed.   In 1996, D3 joined with BBSS of Bulgaria and the Karmasin Marktforschung Institute to found MARECO INDEX BOSNIA (MIB). MIB is a Bosnian full-service market, media and opinion research company operating in both Bosnia and the Serb Republic.   MIB runs a periodic national omnibus throughout Bosnia, including the Federation and the Serb Republic. A total of 2,500 interviews are conducted each quarter across 250 sampling points. Respondents are selected using a multi-stage random sampling approach. Fresh sampling points and respondents are selected each quarter.  MIB conducts a regular and periodic national survey of the TV viewing habits of households across the Federation and the Serb Republic. The data is collected using paper diaries and People Meters. Standard reports are presented showing viewing by time, program, and station. Results are profiled by typical demographic variables.

D3 has a proven history of successful research projects in: 

Albania                               Czech Republic                 Italy                            Romania

Armenia                             Denmark                           Latvia                          Russia

Austria                                Estonia                              Lithuania                    Slovakia

Azerbaijan                         Finland                               Macedonia                 Slovenia

Belarus                               France                                Montenegro               Spain

Belgium                             Georgia                               Netherlands               Sweden

Bosnia & Herzegovina      Germany                            Norway                       Switzerland

Bulgaria                             Greece                                Poland                         Turkey

Croatia                               Hungary                             Portugal                      Ukraine

Cyprus                                Ireland                               Moldova                     United Kingdom